Giant shark circles two sea swimming women who are totally unaware of the danger

This shocking video shows the moment two women swimming in the sea were stalked and circled by a giant shark that was just below the surface.

In the clip, the two women seem completely unaware of the danger – and are enjoying floating weightlessly in the crystal clear water.

But if they were aware of the danger right beneath them their peace would be shattered, as the massive hammerhead shark heads right for them – then circles the one floating on her back.

The man who filmed the video can be heard panicking and the clip ends with the shark still circling the women, but it is believed neither of them was harmed.

In the video, filmed at Panama City Beach in northwest Florida, witness Connor Seitz can be heard saying: “Oh my lord – if she looked down right now she would be…”

He then tails off as the shark heads straight for the women, before then adding: “It’s circling them – oh s**t!”

Uploaded to TikTok on July 18, the clip has already been viewed over 25 million times, had nearly four million likes and over 40,000 comments.

One user, named Rachel, said: “Them being oblivious was the best thing that could have happened.”

And Hayley Ferracci added: “Honestly they’re probably better off not knowing and being calm than knowing and flipping out.”

And a third user added: “Just shows that some sharks won’t attack if you don’t.”

“Nope, absolutely not” added another.

Other users criticised Connor for filming the incident rather than raising the alarm, and he soon responded: “We didn’t yell because we didn’t want to cause them panic and potentially aggravate the shark.

“We were also on the 23rd floor – They would never have heard us.”