Animal lovers baffled as owl and turtle manage to get tangled up together

Baffled animal lovers have discovered the bizarre reason a distressed owl that was unable to fly.

The bird was found stuck to a turtle in Arlington, Virginia, in the US – with animal control teams saying it was “a first”.

The unfortunate animals were found by members of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

Thankfully neither the owl or the turtle was seriously hurt, and are now being cared for after their ordeal.

The organisation wrote on Facebook : “This was a first for our Animal Control team – an owl and a turtle stuck together!

“Yesterday, we received a call about an owl that was unable to fly.

“When Officer Robinson arrived on scene, he found that the owl’s talon was actually clamped between the turtle’s carapace and plastron (the top and bottom shell).

“He brought them both back to the shelter where he and Chief Toussaint gently separated the two.”

It continued: “The owl had a minor injury and the turtle was thankfully uninjured!

“Both are now safe and sound with a licensed wildlife rehabber who will care for them until they can be released back into the wild!”

Impressed supporters praised the team for rescuing the stricken animals.

One wrote: “I hope a screenwriter sees this and comes up with a new Fox and Hound-like Pixar Movie.”

Another posted: “Wow this is incredible, great work animal control!”

A third said it should serve as a warning over the damage turtles can cause.

They wrote: “Don’t mess with turtles…they can be feisty. Once they close their shell, they will not open for a while.”