Cyclist attacked by 8ft alligator after slipping off bike and into water at Florida park

A cyclist was attacked by an eight-foot alligator when he slipped off his bike and ended up in a lake.

The man, reportedly an experienced cyclist, was riding his bike when he lost control of a curve and fell down an embankment at Halpatiokee Regional Park in Florida, US.

The man has been flown to hospital with serious injuries after the alligator, who was in the water, lunged at him and bit him.

“He went right into the water, and then just as bad luck would be, the gator was right there,” Scott Lorraine, who witnessed the scene, told NBC affiliate WPTV of West Palm Beach.

A video posted by Martin County Sheriff’s Office to Twitter shows the man, who slipped after losing a tire, being put on a stretcher as he is airlifted to hospital.

According to another witness Charlie Shannon, who was among the first people to try to help the man escape the grips of the alligator, said the cyclist was left with ” a lot of marks all over his leg, but mainly in the upper thigh”.

Mr Shannon described how he was walking his dog when he saw the man get into difficulty in the stretch of water about four feet below him.

He used his dog leash and a makeshift tourniquet as he tried to pull him out alongside others who intervened to help.

A trapper who captured the alligator said the reptile was about eight feet long and that it would be relocated.

The alligator was a female and she is believed to have been sitting on a nest of eggs when the attack occurred.

“So we’ll attempt to rescue the babies if we can,” John Davidson said.