FTSE 100 median CEO pay falls for fourth year in a row – Deloitte

The median pay of chief executives at Britain’s top companies fell for the fourth straight year to 2.85 million pounds ($3.92 million) in 2020, consultants Deloitte said on Friday.

Around a third received no bonus in 2020, up from 6% in 2019, while more than half of the CEOs, 55%, will also face a salary freeze for 2021, Deloitte said.

Following investor pressure, more than 95% of companies had agreed to cut existing executive pensions, with most pledging to align them with the wider workforce by the end of 2022.

Despite that, the number of companies to face a material rebellion on pay at their annual meeting – considered anything less than 80% support – more than doubled to 12% in 2021, from 5% in the prior year.

“While the vast majority have shown restraint, investors remain focussed on pay fairness and will vote against remuneration reports where executives are seen to be insulated from the wider stakeholder impact.”