Wally the Walrus gets floating bed for trip back to the Arctic after UK adventure

A comfortable floating bed has been made for Wally the Walrus which will be tugged out to sea and encourage him to head home to the Arctic.

Wally has been having a whale of a time around the coastline of the UK and he has also headed to France and Spain before returning to the Isles of Scilly, off Cornwall.

But now locals are worried about the damage he has been causing to fishing boats which he is clambering aboard for a nap.

It is estimated that Wally, thought to be aged about four, has swum around 2,500 miles in total. He was first seen by islands in the north of Scotland in March before heading south.

With thousands of pounds worth of damage estimated to have been caused to boats, experts have been trying to come up with a way to take him home.

They have tried to tow boats in which he is sleeping out to sea, but he simply jumps out and back in the water. It is thought that as a sociable walrus he is tempted back to shore for company.

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust reportedly said: “His seemingly gregarious nature means he is most likely seeking company and activity.

“He is missing his walrus companions.”

Another option is to stun him and take him out to sea but there is a fear that he could die if left disorientated in the ocean.

The best option appears to be the floating bed for him in which he could lie comfortably while it is pulled out to sea.

The idea is that he gets used to it first before it is towed out into the water and then he can begin to swim north back home.